We believe supporting our customers, not just providing them products is essential to a working fruitful relationship.

Our Wixom Research and Development facility is focused on developing new technologies for the U.S. automotive industry.  However, as our facility doubles as a support center, we are able to investigate and troubleshoot production issues through various analytical methods.

Precision Instruments
  • We have a variety of analysis machinery that allows us to diagnose issues that are occurring in a plating line and confirm the plating properties of a given chemistry.

    • SEM : Scanning Electron Microscope
    • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
    • UV Spectrophotometer
    • Digital Microscope
    • Thickness Tester
    • Spectrophotometer (Color Measurement)

  • Our dedicated laboratory is over 1500 square feet and features several work benches to both develop new surface treatment technologies and provide analytical support to our customers. We can perform titration, hull cell testing, and beaker level plating to help ensure that your plating line is properly performing.

    • Bath analysis
    • Sample Plating
    • R&D

Pilot Plant
  • Our facility also houses a pilot plant with a total of 60 baths. We can both test chemistries that are under development as well as replicate the plating line of a customer to ensure proper in-line performance. This includes baths for tri-chrome finishes and satin nickels. Our pilot plant runs on a RO water system and has room for expansion in the future. Tank sizes range to up to 70 gallons. We also have a CASS chamber to test the corrosive properties of plated parts.

    • CASS Chamber
    • Oven and Freezer